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Meet the team

Mike Malone

Founder and CEO

Mike Malone has been working on securing distributed systems for six years as CEO and Founder of Smallstep. Prior to Smallstep, Mike was CTO at Betable. Other than being a self-proclaimed distributed system enthusiast, Mike is also a published research author in the world of cybersecurity policy.

Cass Fultz

Head of Operations

Before landing at Smallstep, Cass spent the last decade as a strategic operator in fast-paced environments ranging from a luxury salon & spa to a hyper-growth stage IIoT company. Your girl for cross-functional collaboration and brand experiences, you can usually find her doing “all the things.” An espresso lover and mom of ✌🏼, Cass is passionate about finding creative solutions to hard problems, and elevating the human experience through technology.

Herman Slatman

Software Engineer

Herman works on core PKI functionality and open source libraries for Smallstep, working daily with the larger PKI community to incorporate standardized protocols into Smallstep. You can find Herman answering questions over on our Discord.

J. Hunter Hawke

Security Solutions Architect

Joe Doss

Software Engineer

Linda, Dev Rel at Smallstep, with podcast mic on a wooden background

Linda Ikechukwu

Developer Advocate

Carl Tashian

Offroad Engineer

Alan, smiling at the camera and wearing a blue button up over a wooden background

Alan Thomas

Software Engineering Manager

Max, beard and mustache with a hat on, smiling on a background of wood

Max Furman

Engineer & Manager

A dog, decidedly NOT a human as Yee Wai actually is, on a wooden background.

Yee Wai

Software Engineer

Josh with short hair, suit jacket and white shirt, smiling on a wooden background.

Josh Drake

Principal Architect

Tyler with beard and mustache in a suit, smiling on a wooden background.

Tyler George

Account Executive

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