Overview of The Smallstep Platform

The Smallstep platform helps teams quickly and reliably connect devices, workloads, and people using end-to-end encryption and cryptographic identity, making it easy to deploy and monitor an internal Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in the cloud.

Built by PKI experts, our platform employs modern, standard protocols and PKI best practices. We believe network encryption and production identity should be ubiquitous, automated, monitored, and unobtrusive.

Whether you’re securing an NGINX web app, an IoT fleet, or a mobile MDM deployment, you can use Smallstep to safeguard your infrastructure. Our goal is to help you encrypt all the communication within your organization, creating a cryptographic perimeter around your resources, using short-lived certificates.

Under the hood, Smallstep deploys, manages, and monitors TLS, SSH, and X.509 certificates for your users and infrastructure. We support deep integrations for securing network connections to servers, databases, VPNs, Linux VMs, managed devices, web applications, and much more.

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