Identity-driven security

Quickly and easily adopt zero trust security with smallstep. Securely connect people and services on any platform, anywhere in the world.

New: Check out Step Certificates, an online certificate authority and related tools (all open source) for secure automated certificate management, so you can apply Zero Trust methodologies and run TLS everywhere.

The future is zero trust

Zero trust improves security and eliminates the need for VPNs and firewalls by moving access controls from the network perimeter to the data and software you’re trying to protect.

Identity is the new perimeter

The foundation of zero trust is the idea that identity, not location, is what matters most for security.

Authorize every request

Identity-based access control lets you precisely grant the authority necessary to do a job.

Application layer security

Integrating security at the application layer is architecturally simpler, easier to operate, and more secure.

What we do

Smallstep is currently working with select design partners on zero trust initiatives. We offer a comprehensive suite of infrastructure components and operational tools for building and maintaining zero trust systems.

Step: A Zero Trust Swiss Army Knife →

An open source command line tool for working with zero trust technologies. Create and sign certificates, inspect and verify JWTs, and forget about memorizing openssl usage for good.

Step Certificates: More than a Certificate Authority →

Secure automated certificate management is easy with step certificates. Certificates let you use TLS to connect across clouds and easily access services and applications from anywhere.

Smallstep is currently piloting our technology with select design partners. Subscribe for infrequent updates and we’ll let you know when our technology is more generally available.

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