You cannot afford to be out of compliance when it comes to sensitive data

Use Smallstep to proactively address your compliance requirements.

“Normal” compliance is expensive

Having someone manually tracking, analyzing and applying compliance to each certificate during each audit quickly adds up. Smallstep does the compliance ‘leg work’ so you’re not wasting valuable time or money.

Manual reporting is long & tedious

No matter how much time is spent auditing, manual checking of certificates will always be prone to human error.

No one enjoys compliance work

None of your developers want to do it, so why make them.

Stay compliant by adopting Smallstep

Be your own certificate authority

Modern certificate issuance puts compliance in your hands, so you can easily prove compliance.

Make compliance proactive

Don’t wait for audits to get unwanted surprises. Instead, automate the assessment of your compliance posture and always stay ahead of the game.

Level up your team’s know-how

Use Smallstep Certificate Manager to guide your teams on certificate best practices and always keep certificates up to date.


Audit certificates automatically, at scale

Quickly scale certificates and secure your infrastructure with a solution that audits and observes your certificates automatically.

Proactive audits

Prove that you’re on top of things with proactive audits. Smallstep enables a seamless audit experience with auditors by taking care of the audit process proactively, and removing the stress that comes with reactivity.

Increase agility & DevOps productivity

Redirect time spent on manual certificate auditing to proactive strategic projects.

Why Smallstep?

Built on standardized technology

Leverage a flexible platform that secures your infrastructure without getting in the way of innovation. Smallstep utilizes Web standards for internal PKI, making it easier for a company to avoid vendor lock-in while using a technology and protocol they already know and use daily.

Supported by security experts and best practices

PKI is a powerful yet time-consuming security solution. Smallstep’s technical resources, how-to guides, and support make implementing security best practices easy without having to be a PKI expert.

Automated certificate

TLS is great, but certificate management is hard. Take advantage of our combined decades of experience with the open-source community and open-source security products. Automate your certificate management and build products at the pace and scale of modern software.

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