Manual certificate management is slow and outdated

Higher chance of compliance violations

Manual certificate management increases risk of human error and compliance violation. With Smallstep, you can easily deploy short-lived certificates according to industry best practices and in compliance with company standards assuring you know who and what is accessing your data.

Wrong configurations

When certificates are configured correctly in the first place, developers aren’t spending time figuring out mistakes and trying to correct them.

Slower process

Manual certificate management is clunky. Using a spreadsheet is no longer a reliable method and it takes up valuable time and manpower.

Modern teams don’t wait for certificates to be generated for them

Make encryption part of development

Build encryption into the certificate issue process without slowing down. Early encryption can prevent costly mistakes and ensure applications and services behave properly.

Empower teams to move faster

Smallstep can generate certificates almost instantly so development teams don’t need to sit and wait on certificates to do their jobs.

The right certificate defaults 100% of the time

With Smallstep Certificate Manager, you can make sure certificates are issued and configured correctly based on where and how they are used.


Automate certificate management

Certificate automation reduces human error, outages and frees up developer resources.

Scale certificate issuance with ease

Zero-trust architectures require a lot of short-lived certificates and a lot of time to manage them. Smallstep removes the need to manually manage certificate issuance, allowing you to scale with confidence.

Increase agility & Devops productivity

Redirect time spent on manual certificate issuance and management to proactive strategic projects.

Why Smallstep?

Built on standards-based, open-source technology

Leverage the most flexible security platform that doesn’t get in the way of innovation. Smallstep’s open-source building blocks gives security engineers, operators, and their companies ownership of their security solution without any vendor lock-in.

Supported by security experts and best practices

An internal PKI is a powerful solution that can be time-consuming. Smallstep’s technical resources, how-to guides, and training make implementing security best practices easy without having to be a PKI expert.

Automated certificate toolchain

TLS is great, but certificate management is hard. Take advantage of our years of experience with the open source community and open source security products. Automate your certificate management and build products at the pace and scale of modern software.

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