Fortune 100 Companies Increasingly Turning to Smallstep's Open Source Software

Smallstep Labs, a pioneer in streamlining secure device identity and champion of the Zero Trust approach to security, unveiled market data that shows an impressive 78% of the Fortune 100 companies actively engage with Smallstep's open source software. Using Scarf's sophisticated analytics, Smallstep has been able to track the metrics and usage of their open source software to gain valuable insights.

This key discovery reaffirms Smallstep's vision to provide frictionless secure connections for individuals, devices, and software services, making best practices accessible to every organization. The finding also amplifies Smallstep's achievements of building trustworthy connections between individuals and business tools, thus supporting teams in enhancing their security profile regardless of their operating location.

"Seeing the widespread adoption of our open source software and understanding its critical role in bolstering security for numerous Fortune 100 companies is a great affirmation of our mission," said Mike Malone, CEO, Smallstep Labs. "It underscores the value and real-world impact of our solutions.”

"We love hearing from customers about how they are using Scarf to make data-driven decisions," stated Scarf CEO Avi Press. "By leveraging analytics, Smallstep Labs was able to demonstrate the impact of their open source project on their commercial business."

Smallstep's commitment to providing robust security solutions is further reflected in their suite of B2B SaaS security services championing Privileged Access Management, Networking Encryption & Workload Identity, and Managed Devices & Enterprise IT. As the values of Smallstep's open-source software continue to resonate with more organizations, the demand for these services is steadily increasing.

About Smallstep Labs

Smallstep ensures that sensitive apps and systems can only be accessed by company-owned devices. Smallstep partnered with Google and Apple to develop the new standard for high-assurance device identity. By binding access to hardware, Smallstep neutralizes security threats and streamlines compliance and governance. Smallstep’s platform integrates with existing device management and posture solutions and offers comprehensive protection for Wi-Fi, VPN, ZTNA, public SaaS apps, internal web apps, cloud APIs, and more.

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Ted Malone is a seasoned Technology Executive with over 20 years of success in guiding high-growth organizations. From leadership roles at industry giants like Amazon, TiVo, Ericsson, and Microsoft to his current position at Smallstep, Ted consistently demonstrates prowess in strategic business development, product management, and corporate partnerships. At Smallstep, he delves into DevSecOps, product strategy, and general management.