4 Reasons Customers Use Smallstep SSH Professional

Jenessa Petersen

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If you have been around Smallstep for a while, you know you should be using SSH certificates. If you are still new here, check out this ever-amazing and true blog post from Smallstep CEO, Mike Malone.

Now that you’re up to speed—knowing you need to use certificates for SSH access—why use Smallstep SSH Professional?

Here are some of the (many, many) reasons our customers trust and use Smallstep for SSH:

  1. System security: Short-lived certificates with Smallstep SSH Professional, automatically generated and renewed, are the best way to prevent malicious actions within your infrastructure. Pair that with one place to manage all of your SSH certificates, making it easier to stop any inside threats within seconds. Need to off-board quickly? No problem—quickly revoke certificates right in the dashboard.
  2. Ease of use and maintenance: Simply plug in your IdP (like Okta or Google) with a few clicks and Smallstep will automatically pull down your users and groups.
  3. Management and visibility: The Smallstep dashboard makes it easy to view all of your certificates and access endpoints in one place, making compliance a breeze.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Many SSH solutions are not accessibly priced. At Smallstep, we want to see everyone using better security so everyone in the world benefits. Smallstep SSH Professional starts at just $3/host/month

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About the author: Jenessa LinkedIn, Twitter believes that encryption affects everyone in the world and every part of our daily lives from the water we drink to the transportation we rely on and the food we eat. She seeks to break down the barriers to secure infrastructure by working on reliable, easy-to-use tools - first at CoreOS and Red Hat, then at Let’s Encrypt, and now at Smallstep.