Privileged Access Management

Unified remote access for people and workloads

Expand your identity-based security toolkit and replace network-based access controls, proxies, and VPNs. Leverage enterprise user and device management to deliver seamless identity-based access to infrastructure like virtual machines, Kubernetes, databases, code repositories, and cloud APIs. Strong cryptographic identity eliminates the risk of credential compromise and increases productivity by streamlining workflows and automating credential management.

Role Based Access Controls to critical systems and resources

Seamless infrastructure access

Integrate single sign-on and device identity with your workflows to boost productivity. Automate user account activation and deactivation by adjusting access at your identity provider (Okta, G-Suite, Entra ID, etc).

Trustworthy connections

Eliminate phishing and mishandled credentials with short-lived certificates that are only issued when that user actually needs them. Authenticate a specific user, on a specific device, without passwords, perimeters, or proxies.

Identity for Users and Devices

Ensure access to sensitive resources like PII and corporate IP comes from authorized users on company-owned devices. Provision credentials for dynamic workloads across clouds and on-prem. Replace VPNs, tunnels, and network controls with identity-based security that allows people and workloads to access approved resources using end-to-end encryption.

Hassle-free auditing

Centralized reporting and logging of user sessions, access to hosts, and privilege escalations will simplify your compliance audits.

I know at which point who has access to what server which I really liked, and my auditors liked.

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Remove the barriers preventing you from doing network security right, without sacrificing flexibility and scale.