Bring encryption best practices to production

Say goodbye to passwords, proxies, and perimeters. Smallstep helps teams quickly and reliably connect workloads, devices, and people at scale using end-to-end encryption and cryptographic identity.

A UI screenshot of Smallstep, complete with device collections. Under Collections are titles like "security pod, dev cluster, databases-production" with the corresponding type like "linux workstation, kubernetes, AWS vm, Azure, Google Cloud Platform" etc.

Smallstep makes end-to-end encryption management easy without the use of traditional secrets, aka: passwords.

Ensure robust security and trust between all managed devices, workloads, and people using short lived certificates.

Enterprise Workflows

The Smallstep Platform reduces the chance of human error through extensive built-in automation. DevOps teams using IT automation tools like Ansible, Puppet, and Terraform can easily integrate Smallstep into their existing configurations.

Built on the Leading Open Source Certificate Toolchain

Backed by the brightest minds in cryptographic comms for distributed systems, step-ca provides the infrastructure, automations, and workflows to securely create and operate a private certificate authority.

step is the command-line tool for developers, operators, and security professionals to configure, operate, and automate the smallstep toolchain. Try now


Loved by DevSecOps and Modern IT

Smallstep provides a toolkit that works at the pace and scale of modern distributed engineering teams.

Smallstep can support your legacy root CA and also offers an opinionated approach to new security deployments.

Monitor & Collaborate

Smallstep enables DevSecOps and IT teams to continuously monitor secured endpoints to eliminate outages.

A consolidated dashboard unlocks visibility into your infrastructure and allows you to continuously improve your trust posture.

Smallstep helped us build a lot of trust during the audit process. We were able to see so much progress and pay close attention to something that is the core aspect of infrastructure security.

Jimmy Passemard, Chief Information Security Officer

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