End-to-end encryption for every workload, device, and person.

Quickly identify security issues, prioritize what matters, and protect network assets. Built for modern operational environments on the cloud and on-premise.

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When security is easy, everyone wins.

Smallstep turns zero trust into practical tools and platforms that empower teams to properly secure their infrastructure.


The Smallstep Platform


Certificate Manager

Automated TLS/SSL Certificates

Dramatically decrease your attack surface for your entire organization. Smallstep Certificate Manager quickly gets you up and running by createing your own private certificate authority, managing certificates and endpoints, and automating all of the renewal processes.


Smallstep SSH

Single Sign-On SSH

Use SSH Certificates to bridge the gap between your identity provider and your servers.

Use Cases

Private ACME Server

Automatically Issue and renew certificates on servers, internal websites, and the entire ACME ecosystem without human interaction.

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Self-Service Certificates

Streamline manual workflows and connect single sign-on for humans accessing APIs, certificate creation, or mTLS & SSH connections.

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Workload Identity

Manage cryptographic identities across all your microservices, bots, virtual machines, and workloads using short-lived TLS certificates.

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Device Identity

Connect IoT devices to cloud, identify machines in the field, and secure mobile and laptop connections with automated credentials.

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The Smallstep Platform

An opinionated, extensible platform for DevSecOps public key infrastructure (PKI)

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Run Anywhere

High availability, effortless scalability, and for-the-masses usability— in our cloud or yours

Built on the Leading Open Source Certificate Toolchain

step-ca provides the infrastructure, automations, and workflows to securely create and operate a private certificate authority.

step is the command-line tool for developers, operators, and security professionals to configure, operate, and automate the smallstep toolchain.


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Smallstep is a very powerful yet simple to use toolchain that works exactly as intended.

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