Open-Source Certificate Authority & PKI Toolkit

Open Source step-ca provides the infrastructure, automations, and workflows to securely create and operate a private certificate authority. step-ca makes it easy for developers, operators and security teams to manage certificates for production workloads.

x.509 and SSH Certificates made easy


Quickly bootstrap internal PKI

Get a public key infrastructure and certificate authority running in minutes.

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Securely Issue certificates

Automate enrollment using ACME, OIDC, one-time tokens, cloud APIs and more.

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Operationalize renewals

Use systemD timers, daemon mode, cron jobs, CI/CD, and more to automate certificate management.

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Use TLS and/or SSH everywhere

Build and operate systems using secure open standards (e.g. X.509, mTLS, JWT, OAuth, OIDC).

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The Leading Open Source Certificate Toolchain

step-ca is an online certificate authority for secure, automated certificate management.

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