Secure wifi with Smallstep

Get ready for the most secure and easiest to support wifi experience available. Everything you need to upgrade your wifi to the most secure, compliant wifi with WPA2 Enterprise or WPA3 Enterprise standards.

Secure wifi networks with EAP-TLS

EAP-TLS in minutes

Faster wifi join & roaming

Built-in Radius & MDM integration

Network access before login

Cert based authentication

Eliminate credential theft


Zero touch enrolment

Easy device revocation

Keep your browser history to yourself

Wifi is the backbone of corporate networking, routinely transmitting private and confidential information. Poorly secured wifi is easily compromised and routinely attacked. Certificate-based wifi using EAP-TLS mutually authenticates clients joining a wifi network, preventing the most common attacks including MAC spoofing, traffic & credential sniffing, and “evil twin” networks.

Seamlessly connect devices

Platform integrations leverage mobile device management (MDM) and bring your own device (BYOD) enrollment to centrally manage certificates and wifi configurations. Authorized devices join wifi automatically, enabling SSO at login, zero-touch deploy of managed devices, and eliminating password-related support tickets.

No one complains that the wifi is too fast

Certificate are the fastest type of wifi authentication, reducing the time to join networks and improving roaming performance. Smallstep provides a fully-managed CA, Radius server, and everything else you need to quickly roll-out certificate-based wifi on any OS, lock-down access, and eliminate password-related support tickets.

End-to-end encryption for wifi with EAP-TLS