Certificate Manager

Complete certificate lifecycle management for all your workloads, devices, and developers.


Built for DevOps

Smallstep Certificate Manager is an opinionated, extensible platform for DevSecOps public key infrastructure (PKI). With it, you can easily manage private TLS/SSL certificates for all your internal workloads and developers. Smallstep supports the ACME protocol, kubernetes workloads, single sign-on, one-time tokens, Cloud VM instance APIs, and other methods for automating certificates. Certificate Manager is available as a managed, linked, or on-premise solution.


Complete Certificate Lifecycle Management

Authenticate Endpoints

Only authenticated workloads and developers should be issued certificates. Provisioners automate identity proofing and issuance of certificates. There are several Provisioners included with Certificate Manager to power different use cases.

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Authorize and Enrich Certificates

Not every certificate request should be fulfilled. Use Inventories to authorize a certificate request and to populate extended certificate attributes. Integrate with external data sources to simplify machine identity standardization across the organization.

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Customize and Issue Certificates

Templates map, lookup, and populate metadata values in a certificate. With complete control of all the fields, you can autoformat certificates for any x.509 use case. Add application-specific extensions to issue short-lived certificates for all your workloads.

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Automate Certificate Renewal

Certificates expire so automated certificate renewal is required. Yet not every endpoint manages certificates in the same way. With Certificate Manager, you can use the `step` CLI, ACME clients, systemd timers, a stand-alone daemon, cron jobs, and more to automate renewals on all your endpoints.

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Monitor Everything

Have confidence your system is running smoothly. Get alerts if certificates are about to expire, audit certificate issuance, view certificate details, and manage all your Authorities. Use webhooks to export events to your SIEM or infrastructure monitoring solutions for streamlined workflows.

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