step crypto otp generate – generate a one-time password


step crypto otp generate [–issuer=name] [–account=user-name] [–period=seconds] [–length=size] [–alg=alg] [–url] [–qr]


step crypto otp generate does TOTP and HTOP


–issuer=value, –iss=value
Name of the issuing organization (e.g.,
Name of the user's account (e.g., a username or email address)
Number of seconds a TOTP hash is valid. Defaults to 30 seconds.
–length=value, –digits=value
Length of one-time passwords. Defaults to 6.
Size of generated TOTP secret. Defaults to 20.
–alg=value, –algorithm=value
Algorithm to use for HMAC. Defaults to SHA1. Must be one of: SHA1, SHA256, SHA512
Output a TOTP Key URI. See
Write a QR code to the specified path
-f, –force
Force the overwrite of files without asking.