Getting Started with Smallstep SSH

Smallstep SSH is a commercial product that delivers a complete end-to-end SSH workflow combining the benefits of modern identity providers, SSH certificates, and proven standard technologies like OpenSSH and OAuth. The Professional Edition is a managed offering that takes the open source step-ca and adds automatic access control, end-to-end user lifecycle management, event activity logging, and reporting.

Smallstep SSH

Before you begin, register for a smallstep account if you haven't already.

Step 1: Set up your client

Start by configuring SSH access on your laptop:

Step 2: Register Hosts

Register your hosts with Smallstep SSH:

Step 3: Set up Single Sign-on and Directory Sync

If you want to use Smallstep SSH in multi-user mode, you can sync with an identity provider. Note: Single Sign-on through your identity provider requires SSH Professional + Team level account or higher. [Click here for more pricing information] (/sso-ssh/pricing/#pricing).

Step 4: Grant Access

Establish access control rules:

Looking For Technical Details On The Product?

You can read more about the technical details of Smallstep SSH by visiting our how it works page.