Smallstep SSH

Single Sign-On SSH

Single Sign-on SSH is a commercial product that delivers a complete end-to-end workflow that combines the benefits of modern Identity Providers with proven standard technologies like OpenSSH and OAuth.

Are you looking for smallstep open-source documentation? Find it here.

This guide will help you set up Single Sign-On SSH for your organization.

Before you begin, register for a smallstep account if you haven't already.

Step 1: Set up SSO and Directory Synchronization

Configure your Identity Provider to work with Single Sign-On SSH

Azure AD Quickstart Guide →

G Suite Quickstart Guide →

Okta Quickstart Guide →

Step 2: Register Host(s)

Register your Hosts with Single Sign-On SSH and add Host Tags

Host Quickstart Guide →

Step 3: Grant Access

Set up access control rules

Access Control Guide →

Step 4: Single Sign-On SSH

Register your Clients, and SSH as normal

Client Quickstart Guide →