Smallstep SSH

Client Quickstart


  • An account on the smallstep platform. Need one → Register here
  • SSO and User Sync configured and functioning
  • Hosts Registered with Tags
  • Access Control configured in the smallstep UI


The following features are supported:

  • Client configuration of OpenSSH to support Smallstep SSH
  • Support for the following client platforms:
    • macOS (10.13 High Sierra or above)
    • Windows 10 (using PowerShell)
    • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    • CentOS 7 and 8
    • Debian 10


The Client Quickstart is accessible within the smallstep UI. When selected, it configures a unique URL that simplifies user registration down to a simple copy-paste exercise. You can find it as follows:

Sign in to the smallstep UI

  • Sign in at[TEAM NAME]
  • Select the “Resources” menu item
  • A link to the Client Quickstart Guide is available under the “Guides” section of this page

Alternate Instructions

You can also modify the following link by replacing [TEAM NAME] with your Smallstep SSH Team Name:

  • For example: