It's trivial to install the step binary on your local machine.


Install step via Homebrew:

brew install step

Debian Linux

Download and install the Debian package from our latest release:

wget sudo dpkg -i step_linux_0.15.7_amd64.deb

Arch Linux

We are using the Arch User Repository to distribute step binaries for Arch Linux.

  • The step binary tarball can be found here.
  • The step-ca binary tarball (for step certificates - a sibling repository) can be found here.

You can use pacman to install the packages.

Linux (other)

We have amd64, arm64, and armv7 releases available to download from our latest release.

Testing your installation

$ step certificate inspect Certificate: Data: Version: 3 (0x2) Serial Number: 326381749415081530968054238478851085504954 (0x3bf265673332db2d0c70e48a163fb7d11ba) Signature Algorithm: SHA256-RSA Issuer: C=US,O=Let's Encrypt,CN=Let's Encrypt Authority X3 Validity Not Before: Feb 8 13:07:44 2019 UTC Not After : May 9 13:07:44 2019 UTC Subject: [...]

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