step api token create


step api token create -- create a new token


step api token create <team> <crt-file> <key-file>
[--api-url=<url>] [--audience=<name>]


step ca api token create creates a new token for connecting to the Smallstep API.

Positional arguments

team UUID or slug of the team the API token will be issued for. This is available in the Smallstep dashboard.

crt-file File to read the certificate (PEM format). This certificate must be signed by a trusted root configured in the Smallstep dashboard.

key-file File to read the private key (PEM format).


--api-url=value URL where the Smallstep API can be found

--audience=value Request a token for an audience other than the API Gateway


Use a certificate to get a new API token:

$ step api token create ff98be70-7cc3-4df5-a5db-37f5d3c96e23 internal.crt internal.key

Get a token using the team slug:

$ step api token create teamfoo internal.crt internal.key