step ca admin remove


step ca admin remove -- remove an admin from the CA configuration


step ca admin remove <subject> [--provisioner=<name>]
[--admin-cert=<file>] [--admin-key=<file>] [--admin-subject=<subject>]
[--admin-provisioner=<name>] [--admin-password-file=<file>]
[--ca-url=<uri>] [--root=<file>] [--context=<name>]


step ca admin remove removes an admin from the CA configuration.

Positional arguments

name The name of the admin to be removed.


--provisioner=name The provisioner name by which to filter admins.

--admin-cert=chain Admin certificate (chain) in PEM format to store in the 'x5c' header of a JWT.

--admin-key=file Private key file, used to sign a JWT, corresponding to the admin certificate that will be stored in the 'x5c' header.

--admin-subject=subject, --admin-name=subject The admin subject to use for generating admin credentials.

--admin-provisioner=name, --admin-issuer=name The provisioner name to use for generating admin credentials.

--admin-password-file=file, --password-file=file The path to the file containing the password to decrypt the one-time token generating key.

--ca-url=URI URI of the targeted Step Certificate Authority.

--root=file The path to the PEM file used as the root certificate authority.

--context=name The context name to apply for the given command.


Remove an admin:

$ step ca admin remove

Remove an admin with additional filtering by provisioner:

$ step ca admin remove --provisioner admin-jwk