step crypto hash digest


step crypto hash digest -- generate a hash digest of a file or directory


step crypto hash digest <file-or-directory>...


step crypto hash digest generates a hash digest for a given file or directory. For a file, the output is the same as tools like 'shasum'. For directories, the tool computes a hash tree and outputs a single hash digest.

For examples, see step help crypto hash.

Positional arguments

file-or-directory The path to a file or directory to hash.


--alg=algorithm The hash algorithm to use.

algorithm must be one of:

  • sha1 (or sha): SHA-1 produces a 160-bit hash value

  • sha224: SHA-224 produces a 224-bit hash value

  • sha256 (default): SHA-256 produces a 256-bit hash value

  • sha384: SHA-384 produces a 384-bit hash value

  • sha512: SHA-512 produces a 512-bit hash value

  • sha512-224: SHA-512/224 uses SHA-512 and truncates the output to 224 bits

  • sha512-256: SHA-512/256 uses SHA-512 and truncates the output to 256 bits

  • md5 (requires --insecure): MD5 produces a 128-bit hash value