step crypto jwk keyset


step crypto jwk keyset -- add, remove, and find JWKs in JWK Sets


step crypto jwk keyset <subcommand> [arguments] [global-flags] [subcommand-flags]


step crypto jwk set command group provides facilities for managing and inspecting JWK Sets. A is a JSON object that represents a set of JWKs. They are defined in RFC7517.

A JWK Set is simply a JSON object with a "keys" member whose value is an array of JWKs. Additional members are allowed in the object. They will be preserved by this tool, but otherwise ignored. Duplicate member names are not allowed.

For examples, see step help crypto jwk.


adda JWK to a JWK Set
removea JWK from a JWK Set
listkey IDs of JWKs in a JWK Set
finda JWK in a JWK Set