step ssh hosts


step ssh hosts -- returns a list of all valid hosts


step ssh hosts [--set=<key=value>] [--set-file=<file>]
[--offline] [--ca-config=<file>] [--ca-url=<uri>] [--root=<file>]


step ssh hosts returns a list of valid hosts for SSH.

This command returns a zero exit status then the server exists, it will return 1 otherwise.


--set=key=value The key=value pair with template data variables. Use the --set flag multiple times to add multiple variables.

--set-file=file The JSON file with the template data variables.

--offline Creates a certificate without contacting the certificate authority. Offline mode uses the configuration, certificates, and keys created with step ca init, but can accept a different configuration file using --ca-config flag.

--ca-config=file The certificate authority configuration file. Defaults to $(step path)/config/ca.json

--ca-url=URI URI of the targeted Step Certificate Authority.

--root=file The path to the PEM file used as the root certificate authority.

--context=name The context name to apply for the given command.


Get a list of valid hosts for SSH:

$ step ssh hosts