step ssh proxycommand


step ssh proxycommand -- proxy ssh connections according to the host registry


step ssh proxycommand <user> <host> <port>
[--provisioner=<name>] [--set=<key=value>] [--set-file=<file>]
[--offline] [--ca-config=<file>]
[--ca-url=<uri>] [--root=<file>] [--context=<name>]


step ssh proxycommand looks into the host registry and proxies the ssh connection according to its configuration. This command is used in the ssh client config with ProxyCommand keyword.

This command will add the user to the ssh-agent if necessary.

Positional arguments

user The remote username, and the subject used to login.

host The host to connect to.

port The port to connect to.


--provisioner=name, --issuer=name The provisioner name to use.

--provisioner-password-file=file, --password-file=file The path to the file containing the password to decrypt the one-time token generating key.

--set=key=value The key=value pair with template data variables. Use the --set flag multiple times to add multiple variables.

--set-file=file The JSON file with the template data variables.

--offline Creates a certificate without contacting the certificate authority. Offline mode uses the configuration, certificates, and keys created with step ca init, but can accept a different configuration file using --ca-config flag.

--ca-config=file The certificate authority configuration file. Defaults to $(step path)/config/ca.json

--ca-url=URI URI of the targeted Step Certificate Authority.

--root=file The path to the PEM file used as the root certificate authority.

--context=name The context name to apply for the given command.