step crypto jwk


step crypto jwk -- create JWKs (JSON Web Keys) and manage JWK Key Sets


step crypto jwk <subcommand> [arguments] [global-flags] [subcommand-flags]


The step crypto jwk command group provides facilities for creating JWKs (JSON Web Keys) as defined in RFC7517. It also includes command line utilities for managing Key Sets and working with encrypted keys.

A JWK is a JSON data structure that represents a cryptographic key. The members of this data structure represent properties of the key, including its value. A JWK Set is a simple data structure for representing a set of JWKs. A JWK Set is a JSON object with a "keys" member whose value is an array of JWKs. Cryptographic algorithms and identifiers for used by JWKs are defined by the JSON Web Algorithms (JWA) specification in RFC7518. This tool also supports extensions defined in standards track RFC8037 defining curve and algorithm identifiers for Edwards-curve Digital Signatures.

JWKs and JWK Sets are used in the JSON Web Signature (JWS; RFC7515) and JSON Web Encryption (JWE; RFC7516) specifications for signing and encrypting JSON data, respectively.


Create a JWK using the default parameters (NIST P-256 curve):

$ step crypto jwk create pub.json priv.json

Add the previous public keys to a JWK Set (JWKS):

$ cat pub.json | step crypto jwk keyset add ks.json

List the keys in a JWKS:

$ step crypto jwk keyset list ks.json ZI9Ku2jJQL84ewxVn8C_67iDaTN_DFTXE9Gypo6-3YE L38TOXsig8h6FeBOos03nFy6iXmwusFcIBBB0ZilahY

Remove a JWK from a JWKS:

$ step crypto jwk keyset remove ks.json --kid ZI9Ku2jJQL84ewxVn8C_67iDaTN_DFTXE9Gypo6-3YE $ step crypto jwk keyset list ks.json L38TOXsig8h6FeBOos03nFy6iXmwusFcIBBB0ZilahY

Extract a JWK from a JWKS:

$ step crypto jwk keyset find ks.json --kid L38TOXsig8h6FeBOos03nFy6iXmwusFcIBBB0ZilahY { "use": "sig", "kty": "EC", "kid": "L38TOXsig8h6FeBOos03nFy6iXmwusFcIBBB0ZilahY", "crv": "P-256", "alg": "ES256", "x": "n_vvepi2bAby8LhsmY396msumgs4EQGoNNzar6wtyAc", "y": "hDRyGFO3M0-4_4MReiwbwXvh6XL3PMh4BAPu0qnTItM" }

See the public version of a private JWK:

$ cat priv.json | step crypto jwk public { "use": "sig", "kty": "EC", "kid": "L38TOXsig8h6FeBOos03nFy6iXmwusFcIBBB0ZilahY", "crv": "P-256", "alg": "ES256", "x": "n_vvepi2bAby8LhsmY396msumgs4EQGoNNzar6wtyAc", "y": "hDRyGFO3M0-4_4MReiwbwXvh6XL3PMh4BAPu0qnTItM" }

Create a JWK Thumbprint for a JWK:

$ cat priv.json | step crypto jwk thumbprint L38TOXsig8h6FeBOos03nFy6iXmwusFcIBBB0ZilahY


createcreate a JWK (JSON Web Key)
keysetadd, remove, and find JWKs in JWK Sets
publicextract a public JSON Web Key (JWK) from a private JWK
thumbprintcompute thumbprint for a JWK